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SpoonITnz is a kiwi grown I.T. company and our focus is on realistic prices for good NZ made products.

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About SpoonITnz

SpoonIT LogoSpoonITnz is a New Zealand company launched in 2012. We provide web services including custom made websites, pre-made websites, email services, and web-hosting and company I.T. management solutions.

The guys next door

In keeping with being a locally run company we offer websites of interest to the public such as NZ Mysteries & Tall Tales, Traditional Kiwi Recipes, and SpoonIT Search which are free for all to access.

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The Team

Grant Keinzley

Founder and Visionary

Kawana Wallace


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Jobs @ SpoonIT

We provide a fantastic working environment for our people.

When you are a part of the spoon family, it can't get any worse so it can only get better :)

When new jobs are available we'll post them here.

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Press Releases

23rd June 2015
SpoonITnz announces the opening of the new service STC Reserve, a digital currency that provides additional security when making online transactions in NZ. This new service's website can be seen here.

5th April 2015
SpoonITnz launches new project called the "Big Button Project". The Big Button Project is a planned solution that will change the way we use the internet, interact with the internet, and perceive the future of the internet. The project homepage can be seen here.

Invest in SpoonIT

SpoonITnz prefers to be a company that is owned by the people. In the same way as early NZ was built by boards, co-ops, and trusts, SpoonITnz believe that it is better to belong to the people rather than be a corporate entity that dictates the way that it is going to be.

Each investment plan has been designed to suit the average Kiwi. It includes a small amount of shares which will return a small annual income, share certificates pertaining to those shares, a connection of our internet to your home, and an annual invitation to a BBQ hangout with the SpoonIT Team.

Please note that these shares will not make you overnight millionaires. They are suited for hobby investors that invest in projects as a lifestyle choice or for the good of their communities.

Why we need your investment.

The services we offer that accumulate earnings are charged at just a little over wholesale so we can guarantee to our customers that they are getting the best for their money. Aside from these services are our non-earning services such as the free software we make and distribute, large projects such as the Big Button Project, public portals such as Traditional Kiwi Recipes, SpoonFED News, The Great NZ Sports Almanac, and NZ Mysteries & Tall Tales.

All of these services are well appreciated by the public. However they do cost money to run and we do want to keep all of these alive as well as being able to produce more such content.

The investments we seek go towards our non-earning services and we are happy to accept financial support for them because we believe they are worth the effort.

If you are interested in investing in SpoonIT please contact us and we'll fill you in on all the details.

All SpoonIT Websites are virus scanned regularly using CLAMAV.
Last scan was on the 6th of October 2015.


59 Seddon Street, Raetihi
Ruapehu Region, North Island, NZ.

Tel: (+64) 0221 774 628